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Hi, I’m a Abu Baker, a lawyer, working as Senior Information Technology & Ecommerce Consultant and an obedient father of three beautiful kids. The people I love the most in life are my parents, my brother, my wife and kids. (I must include my wife in this list, else, you know the consequences, if you are married?)

Twenty five years ago, I got my first computer and IT became my obsession. I used to be the only kid in town with a computer and was prominent as a computer whiz kid. Today, I am working as Senior Information Technology & Ecommerce Consultant and have the honor of providing services to many distinguished patrons like Chamber of Commerce & Industry and other giants. I started my career with postgraduate degrees in Business Administration, Information Technology and Law. I also hold an MBA in Finance. This website is my obsession and amusement!

As a Senior Information Technology & Ecommerce Consultant, the question I am asked most by my friends is internet work from home business. So, I decided to put on a website containing free information on the best online internet income opportunity available on the internet, and refer my friends to it. This site is the essence of all that I know about Affiliate Marketing Business and is here for all my friends and visitors who want to know how to earn a constant life long residual income life stream by building a successful work from home affiliate marketing website?

I am sure you will find this site useful! If for any reason you feel something is missing, do let me know about it. I shall try my best to put it online for you! You can send me an email to abubakerc21@gmail.com. I wish you all the success for whatever reason you accessed this website. 

Warm Regards!

Abu Baker


Mobile No: 0092300884051

Landline No: 0092418756548

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