Are you searching for Most Popular Affiliate Marketing Companies?

Are you searching for Most Popular Affiliate Marketing Companies
Are you searching for Most Popular Affiliate Marketing Companies

                     How & Where to Find Affiliate Marketing Companies?


You can find affiliate marketing companies through affiliate networks. In the world of Affiliate Marketing, there are Merchants and Affiliates.  Merchants’ only goal is to increase their sales. To achieve this goal they would make their product available to everybody. You having an affiliate website, already have a virtual location. If your website is getting traffic, you are a winner. Affiliate Marketing Companies love to promote affiliate products on affiliate websites that have high traffic. So, both merchants and affiliates need affiliate marketing partnerships. This is where Affiliate Networks like ClickBank and Commission Junction come in. Here is a list of links that will make finding affiliate marketing companies an easy experience. Click on links below to go to the affiliate marketing companies’ website and join: stands over half of the top 100 online affiliate merchants. They have no minimum traffic prerequisite, and it is free to join. Applications are accepted in two days. Payments are made through checks that are issued for monthly commis­sions of $25 and above.


Affiliate Fuel is another of the largest affiliate networks. To be eligible as an affiliate through Affiliate Fuel, sites must traffic rank of 2,000 unique visitors per day, have skilled design and great content, and receive ninety percent of their traffic from the United States and Canada. Applications may take up to ten days for authorization. Checks are issued for monthly commissions of $25 and above.


ClickBank is has the largest inventory of digital products such as e-books and audio and video products. Click Bank’s network comprises over 100,000 affiliates. You can immediately join and start selling products from ClickBank. Checks are sent twice a month, and are issued for affiliate commissions above $10 per payment period.


Clickxchange is well-known for its user-friendly sta­tistical reporting system. Affiliates take home a lifetime 5 percent for affiliate referrals and a 50 percent payment on advertiser referrals. Checks are mailed once a month.


ClixGalore corresponds to over 4,500 affiliate merchants and thousands of affiliates. In addition to the usual marketing supplies, ClixGalore offers affiliates the “Instant Website Builder” tool, which immediately creates promotional web pages for their affiliate merchants’ products. There is a lifetime five percent commis­sion for all affiliate referrals. Payments are made for earnings over $50 per month.


CommissionJunction claims that its net­work is being used by more merchants on Internet Retailer’s Top 500 Guide to Retail Web Sites than the next two affiliate networks together.” Affiliate applications are processed very promptly. Payments are made once a month.


DarkBlue  Dark Blue provides an instant application process for affiliates. Affiliates are paid once every month for amount over $30.


iWhiz claims to be the highest paying affiliate networks on the Internet. To get accepted as an iWhiz affiliate, your website must receive a minimum of five million unique page views per month, or a mailing list of at least 50,000 persons. Commissions are paid on per month basis, for accumulated amounts not less than $500.


LinkShare stands for hundreds of major affiliate merchants and is among the most thriving of the affiliate networks. Unlike many of these networks, LinkShare uses proprietary technology in place of cookies to track sales.


Performics represents 300 affiliate merchants, including a number of big, well-recognized brands, Affiliates are paid per month for sales not less than $50.


PrimaryAds To qualify, the your website must have a minimum of 100 unique page views each month, Affiliates are paid monthly for any amount earned in excess of $25.


Search4Clicks is an affiliate network which repre­sents hundreds of education-oriented affiliate merchants. Checks are issued monthly for amounts earned in excess of $50.


ShareaSale network represents over two thousand affiliate merchants in 38 categories. Affiliates are paid monthly for amounts earned in excess of $50.


Affiliate Marketing Companies are free to join for affiliates. You have to submit an online application. Your application may be approved immediately, or it may take days and weeks. Once accepted you can search affiliate network database and choose the Affiliate Marketing Companies you wish to promote. Also visit How & Where to Promote Affiliate Products? for more information.


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