Information & Tools to Find Niche with High Profitability!

Information & Tools to Find Niche with High Profitability!

                         It is time to Find Niche with High Profitability? Keep Reading!

How to Find Your Niche Profitability?


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What is niche profitability? You compare the demand of your niche with supply i.e. your competitors and refine search to high demand and low supply topics. How you would do it? Read on and you’ll find out all the tools and knowledge that you need to accomplish this job. To start first you should determine whether a topic is suitable for you to work with and is potentially profitable? You need to discover in which topic you are most interested and knowledgeable. Your topic or niche should have a large market and a good future. There should be relevant products and services to promote in this niche. You should have the knowledge of your competition in that market.

How to find Niche Profitability?  Before you use up time building a whole site about a topic you have decided for your niche, you must find out whether people share your interest in your niche? A niche is worthy of building an affiliate business only if it has considerable numbers of people with definite desires and wishes that can be met by products, services and information or combination of all three, that those members are prepared to purchase.  

Learn how people behave on Search Browsers or what keywords they use? Imagine yourself sitting in front of a computer looking for information about product online like you found this website. The words that you type into the search box or another search engine is called a keyword or keyword phraseFor example, if you are looking for shoes, you may type the keyword phrase “men shoes” or “ladies shoes” into Google’s search box.

Think like your potential customers and search for keywords that they might use. Ask yourself and try to find out what keywords or keyword phrases your visitors might type into search box at search engine to find that particular product, service or information. Make a list of keywords or keyword phrases. You need to use this information to research primary keyword phrases for specific items that you need to find niche. It will also help you create a logical list of categories and subcategories when you’re building your Web site after you find niche.


Use Wordtracker to Find Niche Profitability!

Use Wordtracker to find niche Profitability. Build lists of similar search terms from keywords entered by people who search the net. Remember from above that you have to research the demand and supply. Join by clicking on Wordtracker and you get free access to the full features of this must have tool. You also get free bonus seven days videos tutorial which in itself is a great learning resource to learn all about keywords and this whole demand supply game! Keep one thing in mind, you cannot win this keyword and search engine optimization contest without this indispensable tool! No business can survive without market research and there is no other tool available on the whole wide web that offers so much for so little! Go to Wordtracker and proceed as following;

STEP 1. O.K.! Start with Typing in your first keyword, and click with “Proceed” button. WordTracker will display a list of keywords that best relate to the word that you’ve typed in. Next go to Step 2.

STEP 2. Next Click on the first word which is related to your Web site concept and WordTracker will show a list of keywords which contain the word you clicked and the number of times they have been used by searchers (the figure that is present in the Count column).

Next go add the related keywords to the basket by clicking on them, now click on the second related word in the first window. Again add related keywords to your basket. Repeat this process for each of the related words, then click the link to move to Step 3.

Step 3. The keywords you chose now appear on the display. They are organized in descending order with the most popular first. Next Go to Step 4.

Step 4. You will find option to choose the search engine. Go and select all search engines to do the competition search and click “Proceed”. You’ll find keywords from the basket along with their attributes, the most important of which is the KEI Analysis.

Write down the best keywords with  (KEI > 15), click the link at the bottom of the page to try again, clear your basket then type in your next keyword. You may try this as many times as you need to analyze all related keywords. Your mission here is to find not less than 10-20 good relevant keywords (keyword phrases). More keywords you find and the higher their KEI, the more promising your niche is.

Your job here is to select the most profitable keywords and plan pages of your affiliate marketing website. Additionally, select the central keyword for your home page. Each page should be optimized for one keyword. However, if you have managed to find some keywords with very low competitiveness, you can optimize a page for two or more keywords.

Large markets are very competitive and expensive to advertise in! Therefore, find a smaller niche in which advertising costs may be lower and the subsequent return on their advertising investment is higher. If you find niche that returns about 100,000 to 200,000 searches in a given month for a generic term related to the subject is worth investing in. You do not want to find out that the product or service you are trying to sell is diminishing after you have built your site. To stay updated with latest trends in the market, do online research, read books, articles etc. Do your homework and evaluate trends in your probable market before you choose your final niche topic. Research demand, supply and profitability with Wordtracker; and find niche that is hot?

To find out how many surfers searched for the keyword “shoes,” go into Wordtracker interface after signing up for the Free Wordtracker Trial, and type in the keyword “shoes.” You shall see a number of words related to shoes were returned by the search. The advantage of having related keywords show up in the results is that you may get ideas for site topics and subtopics that you may not come up with on your own. This makes Wordtracker an effective brain­storming tool. Wordtracker also gives you the number of predicted searches for the search term. The results should give you some idea of where to concentrate your product promotional efforts.



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