Learn Basic Affiliate Marketing Here!

Learn Basic Affiliate Marketing Here!

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Start here with learning all about Affiliate Marketing First! Affiliate marketing is basically online marketing, whereby you the website owner, promote a merchant’s or seller’s products and or services and get remunerated for every sale, visit, or subscription sent to the merchant. You can earn when advertisers and Merchants, advertise or put their product for sale on your website. You can earn through Pay-per-click, you get commission when the advertised keyword or banner is clicked.  Pay-per-lead, you get commission when the advertised keyword or banner generates a lead. And  Pay-per-sale, you get commission when the advertised keyword or banner is clicked and actual sale is made.

Affiliate marketing is one of the most powerful and effective online businesses available today. According to Amazon Book Store, currently the number of their affiliates worldwide exceeds 1 million associates. Affiliate programs are also called associate, reseller, commission, revenue-sharing, bounty, or partnership programs.

You can start you affiliate business by building your own content rich, traffic attracting website. If you are serious and really mean business, learn all about basic affiliate marketing and follow this step by step guide to end. You need to Plan, Built, Promote and finally Monetize your website. You need to learn How to find your Website Topic or Niche? How to find your Niche’s Profitability? Affiliate Marketing Help on what to Promote? How to Research Competition? How to Develop Contents? How to deal with Search Engine Optimization? How to build Website? How to Choose and Join Top Affiliate Programs? How to Market Site? You will find all of that information here and more.


What basic knowledge you need to start? If you can access the internet, send and receive emails, you can run an online  business. No specific qualification is required, but you must learn and polish your basic affiliate marketing knowledge first. You must educate yourself first. Basic Affiliate Marketing Help will certainly enrich your knowledge, as well as help you become a Master Affiliate Marketer. “Knowledge is power!”.

How much investment you need to Start Affiliate Business? Starting an affiliate program, either in-house or on a network, compared to any other real business is very easy on the pocket, i.e. not more than few hundred dollars. What I like the most about affiliate marketing is that it takes just couple of hours a day to run and manage a very lucrative online business. You may put as little as one to two hours a day, or as much a full working day. So while you are learning at Basic Affiliate Marketing Help and later when you are running your business, the time management will be entirely in your hands. If you do wish to run it yourself, reserve about one to two hours a day during the first two months for study, plus roughly 1 hour a day for the application of what you have learned. Starting from month three and up to month six you may cut the study time to half an hour a day, and management time to as long as is required by the circumstances. When your business would be ready to earn you money? Well it depends upon how quickly you complete the contents of your website.

              Basic Affiliate Marketing Tools, Knowledge & Software                      

What tools & equipment you need to run your affiliate business? To start a part-time or full-time business on the Internet, you will need some very basic apparatus like Computer, Printer as well as services that allow you to connect to the Internet. You will need a PC dedicated to your affiliate marketing business, and that I guess, you already have. Internet connections include telephone, cable modem, or DSL. Avoid slow connections and go for DSL. “Slow Connection results Slow Reaction!”. Hence Slow Work!

Since you need to maintain proper record of all your online business activities like Accounting, Advertising & Marketing, Codes & Passwords etc. You could use computer software like Microsoft Excel! Stay organized and take this business seriously as you would any other business!

You should also consider using some other basic affiliate marketing tools for your affiliate marketing topic’s demand, supply, profitability and competition research. A must-have tool is Google Toolbar. When you are researching your competition websites, it shows you the popularity of that particular website that you are visiting, so to give you an idea of how a good website should look and feel. It makes market research easier and faster. It shows you Page Rankings as well! So you get the ranking of the page you are visiting. You can download it free. Another great Tool that I would recommend to all is Alex Toolbar.  And the most important of all Word Tracker.

How can you make your own Website? There are many options available to you. Even if you do not have HTML know-how, you may build your website from scratch or you may choose to hire a Web designer and ghostwriters to help you build your site and content. There is plenty of software that can help make your business process faster and easier. You will learn all about building your own website later on this website, when you are ready for it.

As a brief introduction here, your affiliate site can be simple and basic or full of the latest technological bells and whistles. Whether you want a simple or advanced website, the decision is entirely up to you and what your budget will allow. You don’t need HTML knowledge to develop your website. You could easily develop it with Software like Microsoft Front Page, Macromedia Dream Weaver.  But if you are beginner and know nothing about web development or are an experienced html user and want to develop professional website like a baby, go straight for XSitePro2 without looking right or left. This particular piece of software makes website developing and hosting as easy as ABC. Try it, you’ll love it! XSitePro2 is not frustrating, hard to learn website builder like Dream weaverFrontPage, which take a lot of training. If you don’t want to work hard while building an outstanding website. Just go straight for XSitePro2The very first day you own this program, you will be able to create beautiful websites you can be proud to show.

Your work space should make you feel motivated and happy! It should be quiet enough to keep away all distractions. Good lighting in your workspace will improve your productivity and decrease fatigue and eyestrain, which in turn reduces errors. Take a break at least once every hour. Get up and stretch, walk around, and focus on something in the distance. Sitting at a computer hour after hour is unhealthy for your body, your posture, and your eyesight. (Besides which, it can become mind-numbingly boring!)

Throughout Basic Affiliate Marketing Help, you’ll find links to recommended sources, tools etc to contribute specialized knowledge I think will be invaluable to you. Be sure and read these Resource Pages.

O.K. You have learnt a lot about basics of affiliate marketing. But before moving forward, think again! Is everything clear? Do you now understand all the basics of affiliate marketing. If not, stop and do something else. Come back later and read everything again. Only when you are satisfied with your knowledge of basic affiliate marketing should you move forward. It is time to take action and start planning your website. The first step is to find out the topic around which you shall be building your website or your niche. So move forward to learn what is niche and how to find it?

Now that you know about basic affiliate marketing, it is time to move forward to Definition of Niche explained!

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