Learn & Understand the definition of Niche, what is it and how to find niche?

Learn & Understand the definition of Niche, what is it and how to find niche

                           It is time to learn Definition of Niche and to know what it is?

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                                                 What is a Niche?                                                  


Definition of Niche! In a nutshell, its the main topic on which you shall build your website. Observe this definition of Niche by Merriam-Webster’s online Dictionary;


         a: A place, employment, status, or activity for which a person or                             thing is best fitted

         b: A specialized market.

It is the main theme, the niche, upon which you will base all of your site’s Content. Hence you shall develop a theme based website. Every page that you write will be about a topic that is related to your Site Concept. To earn money online through advertising on your website, you need traffic, to attract traffic you must create great content and to create great content you need passion and interest in that particular area of activity or subject, on which you are building your website. You cannot create great content on a topic in which you have no interest or knowledge. Observe the definition of niche above. Remember, its the area for which a person or thing is best fitted. And you have to find the area which suits you best for your content based affiliate marketing website.


Content is king on the Internet. Sites with interesting, frequently updated content are favorites of the search engines. More importantly, however, content attracts visitors to stay and read, to return again, and often to purchase. You cannot create good content about something you don’t like? Is that right? The topic of your website or your niche should not only be of interest to you, it should also be in reasonable demand and highly profitable.


How to Find your Niche?  Again refer to the definition of niche above. You have to  search for the topic that best suits you. To find niche, first you need to discover in which topic you are most interested and knowledgeable. Your topic or niche should have a large market and a good future. There should be relevant products and services to promote in this niche. You should have the knowledge of your competition in that market. You shall discover more about Niche Profitability on next page. For now and for the purpose of understanding the definition of niche, concentrate only on suitability and not profitability of the subject.


Take a while to dig out and find niche that you consider final. Your mission is to find the market/area you want to be involved in. It could be any ‘niche’ – any area that really interests you such as ‘Gardening’, ‘Flying’, ‘Exercise’. Beware however, that there are a few niches, such as “Internet marketing” or “Web hosting”, in which you should never get into. They are extremely competitive. Your goal is to find a subject that you really know and like, that would have interest for others and that is still not very competitive. To find niche and determine whether a topic is suitable for you to work with and is potentially profitable, you need to answer the following questions:

  • In which topics you are most interested and knowledgeable?
  • Does this niche have a large market?
  • Does my topic have a future?
  • Are there relevant products and services to promote in this niche?
  • What competition will you have in this market?
  • Does your topic have profit potential?
  • What skills and knowledge you have learned from your jobs, hobbies, and general life experiences?

Most people fail in any business because they don’t plan adequately. If you pick the wrong concept for your site, if you develop the wrong topics for your Web pages… you’ll get the wrong results. Write down ideas for good “Site Concepts” as they hit you — make your list as long as you can. What do you know and love? What have you learned “on the job?” As you read the daily newspaper, or watch a talk show on TV, or chat with friends/colleagues, or browse a book store, keep your antennae up for new ideas. Read this page “Definition of Niche” from start to the end and than move on to next page.


What Tool to Use to Find Niche! There is an unparalleled tool to brainstorm Ideas  for Your Topic/niche. Consider the above mentioned questions and suggestions to generate a list of possible topics for your site. Make a list of those topics for each question. Then identify the niches in which you are most interested. Go to Wordtracker and start the free trial. Use Wordtracker help to exploit this tool to its fullest.


STEP 1. Go to the Keyword Suggestion Tool. Type in the Keyword for your niche.  WordTracker will give a list of keywords related to the word that you’ve typed in.


STEP 2. Click on the first word which is applicable for your Web site topic, concept or niche and WordTracker will display a list of keywords which contain the seed word you had clicked on and the number of times they have been used by searchers.

STEP 3. Add your website concept related keywords to your list by clicking on them. Repeat this process for each of the related words.

What is a keyword? It is a word or combination of words that surfer enters into the search box of a search engine. Next, name as many topics as you can think of, but try to come up with a list of 10 to 15 items. Your next step would be to find a niche which has reasonable demand, least supply and high profitability. You shall learn to find your niche profitability next, but for now keep your focus here on definition of niche and how to find niche. When you are familiar with the niche and and have found one to proceed with, you should acquire all the expertise you need to start writing articles and recommending products to help people solve those problems. Go to  Amazon Book Store and find at least five books on the subject. Polish and increase your knowledge about the chosen concept by researching and reading. Once you know and find your niche, get all the knowledge you can about that area, or skill. Always keep in mind, visitors are looking for quality content/ information that will help them find solutions. And you’re going to give them that information! That is why the topic or niche of your website should interest you, before it interests your visitors. Recall your memory and refer to the definition of niche above and find out your best fitted area.

Throughout this page, you’ll find links to recommended sources, tools etc to contribute specialized knowledge, I think will be invaluable to you. Be sure to access these tools and read these Resource Pages to fully understand and comprehend the subject.

It is time to check the profitability of your Niche. The next step is to find your niche profitability. it is time to move forward to How to Find Niche with High Profitability?

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