Mini Adwords Guide to Affiliate Marketing Research!

Mini Adwords Guide to Affiliate Marketing Research!

                                  Learn How to Research Competition!

Research your Competition with Search Engines!


Great! You have come this far, it shows your motivation and determination! So you have selected the best Website concept. It’s time to conduct affiliate marketing research on competitors and partners with this Mini Adwords Guide. Now that you know that there is great demand for your selected topic and that merchants have related products available through affiliate programs, it is time you move forward and start researching the competition before you build your affiliate marketing website.

How do you Research Competition with Search Engines? Start by reviewing the Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines. Type your seed word for selected niche at each engine separately. There is every likely hood that number of results returned would be intimidating due large numbers of result returned.  At first glance you may think that it is not feasible build­ing a site about that particular topic because it will never be able to compete with such a vast number of sites. Do not worry! Continue with your affiliate marketing research. These statistics are mostly an unreliable when comparing actual competition for many of reasons. Since most of the time you enter a generic word, most of the pages returned on search results are about other topics which are not related to the keyword you entered. But what you should assess from these results is the popularity of the topic. So use it to find out the popularity of your topic. The higher the number of search returns, the more popular the topic is.


Surfers will not work all that hard to obtain information on the Internet and go through all the millions of returned results. Most surfers visit only those sites that are listed on the first or second page of Google results. That essentially throws the other websites out of the competition. So, go visit first twenty websites and see how others in the indus­try promote their products and to get some idea of how you can improve. If you are interested in finding merchants with affiliate programs use this Mini Adwords Guide for that purpose too.


Research Competition with Google Adwords Guide!


How to Research Competition with Google Adwords? To find your true competition, you need Google Adwords. You’ll find the average cost-per-click and search volume for ads appearing for your keywords using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool at GOOGLE ADWORDS. To see the estimated ad position and estimates of how much advertisers are bidding on your keyword, follow these steps;


Step1.   Go to Google Adwords website.

 Step2.   Enter your term into the box “Enter one keyword or phrase per line:” and click “Get keywords ideas” button. This will return a list of keywords with all the statistics you need about Advertiser Competition, Search Volume and Average Search Volume.  View all the information provided here.

Step3.   On the result screen and above “Average Search Volume” heading, there is “Choose columns to be displayed” option. From there select “Show Estimated Avg CPC”.

You will see Average Cost for that keyword. Idea here is to find out whether affiliates are using pay-per­-click advertising to promote their sites. If they are paying, it is an indication that the subject you have chosen is a potentially profitable. If you build a well-designed Web site that gives the surfers exactly what they want, your site should be successful, even if you do not list it for advertisement on the pay-per-click search engines. What you need to learn from competition is what you could offer that they are missing! Do not overlook this step in your affiliate marketing research pro­cess. You will be surprised to know how much you will gain by researching the competition. In most cases, you will be pleasantly surprised to see how little competition there is and how much room the market has for new comers.

Choose the best among those you researched, or continue researching until you find the one that best suits you. As you gain experience, your site will grow and evolve over time into something much larger and better than you ever hoped or expected. Be patient and give yourself time.  With time and experience, your site will grow and evolve over time into something much larger and better than you ever hoped or expected. Be patient and give yourself time. By going through Mini Adwords Guide to Affiliate Marketing Research on Competition, and previous pages of this Affiliate Marketing Guide, you’re now super-ready to start building your own theme-based content Web site! You have found your perfect site concept and tons of raw materials.

Now that you have discovered one or more topic keywords through this Mini Adwords Guide, it is time to choose a main topic and start working on your Web site. And remember; don’t run after a perfect topic. No such thing exists! There will always be some little problem or weakness with whatever niche you choose.



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