Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing & How do I Start It?


What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is basically online marketing, whereby you the website owner, promote a merchant’s or seller’s products and or services and earn commission for every sale, visit, or subscription sent to the merchant. You can also sell your own product! Want to learn more? You are at right place! This site is your step by step Affiliate Marketing Guide to understand the whole Affiliate Marketing System. You will start with basics and learn to build your own website. With this guide I help you as you select a niche & business model, and I give you a clear, powerful plan with action steps you can follow to understand complete affiliate marketing system. Just follow this Affiliate Marketing Guide step by step to the end to understand what is affiliate marketing completely:

  1. Learn Affiliate Marketing Basics! Start here with learning all about Affiliate Marketing First! What basic knowledge you need to start? How much investment you need to Start Affiliate Business? What tools & equipment you need to run your affiliate business? How can you make your own website? How should you select your Workplace? Move to Step 2 and learn what is a niche and how to find it?
  2. What is a Niche and How to Find One?  Definition of Niche! What is a Niche? How to Find Your Niche? What Tool to Use to Find Niche! Move to step 3 and find a Profitable Niche!
  3. How to Find Niche with High Profitability? What is Niche profitability? How to find Niche Profitability? How to use WordTracker to find niche with High Profitability? Move to step 4 and learn how and where to Promote Affiliate Products?
  4. How & Where to Promote Affiliate Products? Why Choose Affiliate Business to Make Money? Who are Affiliate Networks? What affiliate products should you promote? Where to find products to promote? You can also choose to promote affiliate products created by yourself! Move to Step 5 and research your competition!
  5. How to Research Competition?  Mini Adwords Guide to Affiliate Marketing Research! How do you Research Competition with Search Engines? How to Research Competition with Google Adwords? Move to Step 6 and How to Find and Join Merchants?
  6. How to Find & Join Affiliate Marketing Partnership? The guidelines provided here will equip you with the knowledge that will make finding and joining affiliate marketing partnerships a painless experience. Move to Step 7 and discover the most favorite Marketing Companies & Affiliate Networks!
  7. Most Popular Affiliate Marketing Companies & Networks? Here you will find a list of links to most popular affiliate marketing companies and networks. Click on links to explore and join. Now that you understand the whole Affiliate Marketing System its time to Build your Website.

When you are done with all steps in affiliate marketing guide above and clearly understand, what is Affiliate Marketing System, you can safely move on to next part “How to Make Your Affiliate Marketing Website?”You’ll learn how to proceed further by developing your own affiliate marketing website and exploring more advanced information provided in next section of this website.

The worst thing about unsuccessful Internet Marketers is that they gather information like anything, but get stuck on something they can’t do, or don’t understand and abandon it. They put it back on the shelf and jump on the next exciting tidbits of technology, and continue with the vicious circle, never making any money. If you want to get most out of Affiliate Marketing Guide and learn what is Affiliate Marketing, read it again and again. You shall end up understanding the whole affiliate marketing system. Remember always, don’t rush, do your home work with patience. The time you invest now will be rewarded in GOLD!